3 thoughts on “there is no distance between hearts …

  1. my dear,
    the moon here sits upside down in the sky, tho it is still the same moon that shines upon us both …
    i am nesting in a third floor flat, amongst treetops, where i can watch yellowed leaves fall & blanket the ground to prepare for ice that is to come, while the sun in your blue sky grows stronger …
    up here, pigeons cosy up overnight on my windowsill
    and in the morning, after they have gone in search of breakfast, i can open my window and let in birdsong sung in a foreign language, accompanied by sirens and traffic and construction clangings …
    i am a foreigner here and am both humbled and grateful for every courtesy and generosity afforded and i think sharply on what generosities and courtesies we may offer any visiting or settling back home, both in the past, and in the future, with a bigger heart …
    on a map, the Landesname is Hessen and the Regierungsbezirksname is Darmstadt …
    the river closeby, like ours, may have been known by more than one name since its original birthname, but the language of all the captains and skippers who traverse its entire length, through many counties, is Deutsch.
    i am missing you too and will dance with you from here until i return …
    with love


  2. Lina has been home and bought love and music to our town
    Last Friday Lina bought magic to the Melbourne Recital Centre
    Melbourne International Arts Centre
    Check out the review in The Age
    Barefoot and virtuosic
    And that’s where the LOVE comes into play
    Lina bought so much inspiration
    Love in another guise
    Solo flute
    To last years Brave New Works Festival
    And now
    In this small world we live in
    The script emerges
    Linda, the broad, the collaborator
    Meets with her in Frankfurt
    Of all places
    Shares some Denmark LOVE
    Takes her out to eat
    And reminds her that Pete n Cecile
    …well…just love her!


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