what does love sound like?

I am sure that the 116 different species of birds i have noticed around my house were not all singing simultaneously this morning

it sounded like it tho …

i shouted

good morning everybody!

just to join in.

A dreamy question from the other pillow arose …

Of all those birds, how many are not from here?

I listened carefully for ferals like us, reporting back

The Chooks…

Disbelieving, tho not exactly awake


i listened more carefully

just to be sure

& those distant Kookaburras …

Unlike ferals like us, these voices are wildly outnumbered.

I love this about home …

One thought on “what does love sound like?

  1. If my spirit animal was a bird, it would be a Kookaburra !
    The baby pink hues of the sunset settled across the green valley. Blue grey clouds, parted to reveal a rainbow.
    The last glint of sun, caught in the raindrops of the sheoak needles hanging with in arms reach, was a glitter dusting from nature.
    I didn’t want to leave the love nest in the trees, where my lover and I had spent a glorious few days in Denmark.
    so…I allowed the memories of lovemaking to wash through me, as a party of kookaburras in the nearby Karris, let loose a hysterical chorus of laughter at my cheeky weekend shenanigans.
    still missing you


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