can you carry your home with you?

sometimes everything feels heavy late in the day when weary and hungry  cold stone underfoot seeps through soles & there are stairs gravity seems unfair without language a sea of conversations  is rhythmic syllable soup with a sprinkling of recognisable words floating free of context i practice threading  these sparse beads of understanding stitching a glimmerof the story here as i walk on i am not … Continue reading can you carry your home with you?

Bee Love

together we all need each other we nurture each other and tho we may fly alone in times of need we are there for each other … can i be with you from this far away? holding each other close in our hearts keeps us together even when alone i love sharing quiet spaces with you wherever we find them whether in the buzz of … Continue reading Bee Love

can you feel love through the soles of your feet?

for you at home an invitation: take as half hour stroll by the Kwoorabup between bridge in town & footbridge near the inlet keep an eye out for snakes if things are warming up take time to touch skin of ancient paperbarks along the way watch birds fish & ski into land on water listen to rustling sedges at edges imagine beneath this path footprints … Continue reading can you feel love through the soles of your feet?