Bee Love


we all need each other

we nurture each other

and tho we may fly alone

in times of need

we are there for each other

can i be with you

from this far away?

holding each other close in our hearts

keeps us together

even when alone

i love sharing quiet spaces with you

wherever we find them

whether in the buzz of crowded hive

or in spacious sky

life is sweet with you

3 thoughts on “Bee Love

    1. bless
      & thankyou
      i do believe your five new blue suns
      arrived just at the right time here,
      brightening our sky with a burst of remembering what is always above the clouds. While we floated on the canal, water stayed below us & the impossible yellow in falling leaves shone golden.


  1. Oh such beauty🐝💗🐝sweet as wildflower honey🌸Spacious and nourishing like sunset togetherness🐝🐝bee free n be love & be n bee & beeeee 🎶💗💗


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